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God Street Wine

God Street Wine is a Jam Band from New York City. Their music is an amalgam of rock, jazz, bluegrass, funk, psychedelia, pop, Americana, reggae, progressive, and more. The band broke up in 1999 and reunited in 2009. GSW played a significant role in the development of the improvisational jam band scene of the early 1990s. Their earliest days include playing Nightingale's and The Wetlands Preserve in New York City where their contemporary's were The Spin Doctors,... Read More

Also known asGSW
OriginNew York, NY, U.S.
GenresJam Band, Jazz, Rock, Americana, Reggae, Pop, Psychedelia, Bluegrass, Progressive, Funk
Years active1988–1999, 2001, 2009-present
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